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EcosAgile is one of the most innovative software platforms available today on the market.
Designed with the Cloud in mind and immediately usable without costly and uncertain project investments, it is remarkable for its extreme flexibility and level of customization, without any programming – just simple configurations – overcoming the limitations of pre-built solutions and generic cloud services.

The resulting quality is far better thanks to the built-in availability of all the required features (workflow, historical data, audits, integration layers, crypting, notifications, delegations, on-page charts, analytics), tested and verified successfully in many different operating contexts.
EcosAgile is the solution that can provide real added value to your organization by overcoming any current limitations and freeing your resources and energy.


Software HR Cloud and Agile

EcosAgile People

HR Suite pre-configured,
complete, immediate, simple
Software Safety and Occupational Medicine

Health & Safety

Safety and Occupational
Software Project and Timesheet

Project & Timesheet

Project, timesheets and
reporting management
Software Budget of Personnel


Staffing Budgets, simulations, forecasting, analysis of labour costs
Software management consultant and agency workers


Research, legislative controls, employment relationships
Software corporate assets and benefits

Assets & Benefits

Management of corporate
assets and benefits
Software Time management Cloud and app


Attendance, absences, overtime and shift management
Software document management and workflow cloud

Documents & Workflow

Documents, Forms,
Flows and Workflows
Software Talent management Cloud


Performance assessment
and talent development


Leads, commercial
activities, sales force


Training and
education management
Software Recruiting of Personnel Cloud


CVs archives, interviews
and testing, communications



Do the solutions that you are aware of or are considering seem rigid or appear complicated or expensive? We think that EcosAgile is the solution you've been looking for.


EcosAgile is a computing platform designed for immediate use, with functionalities refined in collaboration with the client or partner in order to ensure the maximum initial benefit to the company and subsequent refinement the client or partner wants customized.


EcosAgile represents real innovation resulting from a deep rethink of traditional software approaches, enabling us to be in the position to demonstrate implementation and management costs 50% lower than the market, with similar differences in activation times.


EcosAgile is an innovative platform that enables the creation of high-quality company applications with much greater efficiency than alternative approaches and products.


EcosAgile caters to companies, professional studios, associations and organizations that want to improve the efficiency and quality of processes related to the management of people and their activities.

Italian and international concerns of all sizes and sectors have already chosen EcosAgile, taking advantage of the flexibility, quality and adaptability of the solutions we offer.

We service our clients, which range from international companies with thousands of people under management to smaller, mainly Italian companies, with pre-configured or ad hoc solutions in Cloud and on-premise (at the customer's DataCenter) modes.

Large companies and multinationals
Small and medium enterprises
Professional firms
Vertical integrations
On premise

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