EcosAgile Budget / Staffing budgets and Labour cost analysis


Staffing or personnel budgets provide a modern approach to HR budgeting and control management in relation to the various components of human resource expenditure (contractual salary components, MBO, etc.) and corporate events (employment cost forecasts, hiring, retrenchment, compensation policies, internal transfers, absenteeism, etc.).
EcosAgile Budget is among the most advanced and functionally complete solutions available on the market: it supports multi-payroll and international environments, multiple scenarios in a single simulation, the use of rules, events and arithmetic functions established by the users, comparisons between several different versions and with the final data, navigation of the individual cost components and/or events to quickly understand the nature of a deviation for the clear and timely analysis and evaluation of corrective actions. 
Predefined interfaces and a specific configurable integration component allow you to import and export data in any format, thus avoiding the frequent problems with integration seen in competing solutions.
The product is fully integrated with all the other products in the EcosAgile suite.


Our standard package meets the most stringent user requirements, while still offering total and rapid customisation flexibility (our competitors cannot).
The solution we propose does not bind you to a payroll provider or a country/currency: it is multi-payroll, multi-contract, and multi-company, and is designed to be configurable with models of varying complexity to suit geographical circumstances and different regulations. It allows data aggregation and multi-currency analysis!
Its special architecture is designed to collect and process data from each payroll/administrative system with ease.
The budget items, events and rules can be managed directly by the end user, without having to call on providers, technicians or consultants every time they want to change certain scenarios and modify the simulation formulas implemented.

Other distinctive features include the full traceability of the events behind the different simulations, the management of Vacant positions with cost projections based on definable logic, the use of payroll and finance cost simulations in the rules (e.g., guest houses, company vehicles), the possibility of defining specific logic for each company, country and region within the same simulation, the generation of Forecast versions for periods of your choice (e.g., 1 actual + 11 budget, 6 actual + 6 budget), analysis functions and comparisons between different versions produced, not to mention the extraordinary execution speed of the simulation.
The module can be used by clients with different management systems and with one or more national and/or foreign payroll systems/providers.
Both the labour costs and the staffing Budget simulations have immediately available and customizable analytics and analysis dashboards based interactive Business Intelligence tools (e.g., QlikView).

Like all the functions described, these can be adopted as a service with a subscription fee, or installed on proprietary infrastructure/data centers with user licences.

Don’t make any decisions without having assessed why EcosAgile Budget is so different.

Budget model

Budget models (by Region, Company and Groups)
Rules, Budget event versions
Population Management
Budget Positions Management
Dynamic formulas
Rules / Events (general and specific)


Full simulation
Incremental recalculation

Costo of labour

Analysis of cost components


Comparisons between versions
Comparisons between budgets and final accounts
Analysis of deviations
Exporting to xls


It is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes, professional studios and public bodies who want to monitor, predict and simulate human resources costs.
Whatever the type of organisation, EcosAgile Budget is a specific solution able to integrate several key figures into the one process: HR Manager, Management Control, Administration; providing them with fast, on-time and reliable information.

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