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WHAT IS EcosAgile Documents & Workflow

EcosAgile Documents & Workflow is a powerful and complete Document Management System; it is a web technology platform that allows you to acquire, arrange, manage, process and share electronic documents and forms securely and according to completely configurable rules and flows.

Even with ECM, ERP and other solutions available, there are often situations involving papers and e-mails that are not routinely managed; these have negative impacts on the accessibility of data, traceability and security, and provoke higher costs and risks.

EcosAgile Documents & Workflow is a complete and integrated solution that allows you to easily and immediately reduce printouts, paper documents and unstructured communication in business processes to a minimum, rendering systems more efficient from start to finish.
A special configurable integration component allows you to import and export documents and workflow information to and from external systems in order to interact with processes that affect other systems and/or documents produced outside the system, avoiding the frequent integration problems that plague competitor solutions.
The product is fully integrated with all the other products in the EcosAgile suite.

WHY EcosAgile Documents & Workflow

The application allows the management of business applications and projects, electronic folders for employees (internal/external) and third parties (suppliers, customers and partners), as well as any internal physical and/or multimedia archives.
Its functions are usually applied to the management of document revision and approval flows, including those produced externally and/or with third-party applications, for sharing documents between offices (staff, managers, employees, payroll, etc.); it can employ bulk loading functions and flow management with flexible and intuitive workflow rules which can even support very articulate definitions.

Documents can be accessed via the internet and can be fully profiled according to the type of user, document, workflow status, etc.
The documents can be linked to all the different pages and information managed by the application, and can then rendered available as attachments in various contexts (e.g., contracts/orders, a workplace accident or a bonus) while still residing in the corporate archive.
Documents can be searched using filters and keywords, even in full-text within the document itself.

Don't make any decisions without having assessed why EcosAgile Documents & Workflow is so different.

Electronic documentation folder

Management of types of documents
and visibility rules
Document archive
Management of attachments and versions
Search with keywords and full-text
within attachments
Simplified form creation

Multimedia library

Management of the company library
and multimedia material
Assignment management /
availability queries
Multiple copy management


Secure Management using secure protocols
Internet / intranet viewing
Attachments in Databases and / or File Systems

Flows and workflows management

Approval flows
Access and download audits
Definition of participants and roles in workflows
Graph rules/sequences
Actions on nodes and/or paths
(mail, sms, events, sql, batches, etc.)
Visibility Rules per stakeholder/node
Workflow variables management
Tracking of execution details
Easy integration with any application
Timetables and notifications
Configurable integration layer


EcosAgile Documents & Workflow is a valuable tool for businesses of all sizes, public entities, firms and associations who wish not only to archive documents electronically, but to more importantly be able to manage and share them simply and integrate them into the business processes from which they derive and where they need to be controlled and used.

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