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WHAT IS EcosAgile Project & Timesheet

EcosAgile Project & Timesheet is a direct and immediate solution for the management of projects and client services, providing all the tools necessary to render the correlated activities simple and efficient, and provide timely information necessary for the analysis and control of the project/job.
This tool is suitable for the management of different types of projects and the processes for managing the personnel involved (absences, travel, per diem, etc.).

It is seamlessly integrated with all the other products in the EcosAgile suite so that it can interact with any other required processes.

WHY EcosAgile Project & Timesheet

The application allows the management of projects throughout their life cycle: the opportunities, reporting, profitability analysis, billing, etc.
It provides the ability to manage different types of projects, whether they are lump sum, turnkey, hourly, time & material, on call, pre-paid, progressive payments, milestones, regular repayments, services and/or products, etc. 

There are various functions for assigning tasks to employees, managing internal communications, document handling for project knowledge management, deliverables and administrative documentation of clients.

You can use different Timesheet formats depending on the type of management regime, the type of relationship, etc.
The managers administer the approvals and coordinate assigned personnel according to various configurable modes based on logic structures including hierarchy, project, cost centre, clients, client clusters etc.
Predefined interfaces and a specific configurable integration component allow you to import and export record layouts in any format, thus avoiding the frequent problems of integration seen in competing solutions.

Don’t make any decisions without having assessed why EcosAgile Project & Timesheet is so different.


Opportunity details
Leads details
Referral details
Contacts details
Manager details


Business model
Project details
Type of projects
Budget allocation
WBS management
Documentation management
Knowledge Management


Assignments management
Resources scheduling
Tasks assignment

Activities Tracking

Timesheet template
Actual registration
Analyses, approvals
Ticket management

Leave/Overtime requests

Holiday, time off requests
Overtime requests
Trip requests and management
Holiday plans

Management control

Skills and competencies management
Management of Expense reports
Economics analysis, profitability
Analysis of deviations


Projects Dashboard
Vendors Dashboard
Timesheet analysis


EcosAgile Project & Timesheet is essential for service companies that work on projects, including consultants, associations and professional firms who want to monitor and manage costs related to projects; but especially for those that wish to develop their know-how and boost business performance.

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