IT Managers

EcosAgile is an innovative software platform designed for creating web applications for businesses, especially with respect to processes involving Human Resources (Personnel files, Compensation, Budget, Development, Training, Selection, etc.) and/or those activities which generally involve people management (Notifications, Time sheets, Projects, Company assets, Temporary contracts, Guest Houses, Litigation, Approval processes, Event management, CRM, etc.).


EcosAgile has the distinct advantage of having a highly usable interface and the ability to facilitate simple and rapid process customization through simple settings that are preserved across the changes and updates to the product.
Unlike the products of competitors, all configured customizations remain intact after release upgrades.

This unique feature allows a drastic reduction in implementation and testing costs (the only test necessary is to ensure adherence to the functional requirements requested by the user during the prototyping stages).
Even during application maintenance, EcosAgile is highly advantageous – it can be modified quickly and easily, even by the client after very minimal training.

Multi-company, Multi-country

EcosAgile is designed for international use; it is multi-language, multi-country, multi-currency and multi-payroll.
It manages standard online translations, Asian characters (Unicode), currencies and time zones. It is optimized for use by many geographically distributed users (Cloud, Web 2.0, standard web browser with no plug-ins necessary, linear/intuitive navigation, tested on tablets/iPads etc.).
EcosAgile is designed to be modular and capable of evolving progressively with the requirements of the company, thanks to its flexibility.

How is it used

The product can work on the DataCenter of the client (on-Premise) or via Cloud/SaaS (software as a service); it is equally customizable in both cases.
The on-site installation is on an easily manageable environment based on the Microsoft operating system and database.

From a technical perspective, it has all the tools to configure complete and sophisticated business and integration processes; it has a complex workflow engine, security management based on multiple criteria (hierarchies, levels, sets of values, etc.), management of dynamic groups, dynamic formulas, audits, crypting, configuration management tools, configurable integration layer, scheduler, on-page charts, etc.


Security is carefully managed in the product and can be applied to menus, pages, sections within pages and even individual fields:

  • It is possible to restrict access to information by company, department, qualification, etc., in a completely configurable way; staff can only access the information pertaining to them (e.g., staff information restricted to the single department and sub departments or the basis of ranking/qualification or on clusters of clients, etc.);
  • It is possible to limit any modification to historical data by different users, allow the recording of future events and/or the modification of past events;
  • It has traversal security by level, so as to avoid any incorrect profile attributes resulting in access to sensitive data;
  • It implements specific security by Manager so as to be able to impose the criteria for access to personnel files (by division, department, cost centre, project, etc.);
  • It supports the https encrypted transmission protocol; it allows physical crypting of individual snippets in DB; DB level management of attachments and documents regarding persons;
  • It includes access tracking and performs audits to record variations: the management of the security is multi-profile, thus allowing users to be allocated different profiles so they can be arranged into functional sets;
  • It handles automatic tasks for attributing or removing profiles according to company roles and positions or at the beginning/end of tenure, thus simplifying security management significantly.


The product supports all the major reporting requirements; the data model is fully integrated and there is no data redundancy between different modules and products. Reports of all types are available and can be extended and modified as in all the other functions, without resorting to programming:

  • Tabular reports, with filter parameters, criteria and exporting to xls;
  • Graphic reports with histograms, pie, radar, etc. (native and with supplementary BI); charts can have filter parameters with real-time updates; charts can be placed in single pages and sections for integration with other information;
  • Queries and Pivot charts;
  • Summary factsheets: for example, sheets by managers, by person, by director, etc.;
  • Letters and printouts: based on configurable templates with logos and images; html formats, pdf, csv, word;
  • Timetables: push communications based on events / deadlines.


The product is distinguished for its usability, reducing the cost of training and operation:

  • Autocompose fields: available by default on all the fields which are linked to unique records;
  • Querying with criteria and parameters: available for all the functions according to the type of field;
  • Multi select queries on all fields of interest;
  • Pop-up information boxes: configurable to show summary sheets regarding certain information (e.g., personnel summary sheets, variable plan summaries, benefits, etc.);
  • Specific home page according to the type of user: with dedicated menus, summary reports, commands, graphics applets, relevant timetables, etc.;
  • Relationships and specializations among the information: according to the choices made, the system automatically updates and displays the correlated information to reduce errors and rationalize functionality;
  • Validation of fields and formats: configurable for each client based on rules, without any programming;
  • Rules for legislative compliance: applied according to employment laws to identify risks and compliance factors during selection, placement and management;
  • Contextual Help applicable to any individual field, section or page;
  • Exporting to xls and csv: for all the lists, grids and reports.