EcosAgile Assets & Benefits / Property, assets and benefits


EcosAgile Assets & Benefits is a rich set of features aimed at all aspects of the management of corporate assets and benefits, throughout their life cycle, from allocation to return, including maintenance, compliance, repairs and replacements, and all the other phases associated with a particular business asset.

With EcosAgile Assets & Benefits, you always know the status and availability of assets and the management of all the associated requirements such as deadlines, insurance, registration fees, servicing and inspection is made simple with timetables and specific notifications, both for internal assets (printers, multifunction devices, furniture, etc.) and those allocated to individual employees or work groups.

The application can be easily integrated with enterprise ERP systems and/or other administrative systems.
The product is fully integrated with all the other products in the EcosAgile suite.


  • It is complete: able to track every specific business asset and its features: Vehicles, Tollway transponders/Viacard, Fuel cards, Phones/Mobile Phones, Sims, Computers/Laptops, EDC/Data Center, Printers/Faxes, Projectors, Tablets, Software, Furniture/Furnishings, etc.
  • It manages the entire process: the system allows you to manage allocation requests and rules, workflow approvals, allocations, notifications, support, reallocations, retrieval, etc.
  • It is configurable: you can monitor and enforce compliance with rules/corporate allocation policies; the features are widely modifiable and adaptable to many different uses, and any new company assets and benefits can be easily configured independently by the client, thanks to its flexibility and adaptability.
  • It is easy to integrate: any available lists can be easily loaded and always exported directly by the user.

EcosAgile can be implemented immediately and can drastically simplify management, resulting in cost savings and improvements to the quality of management.

Don't make any decisions without having assessed why EcosAgile Assets & Benefits is so different.

Requests and flows

Management requests, replacements, renewals, returns, assistance
Management of tasks,
roles and levels

Assets and allocations

Tollway transponders and Viacard
Fuel cards
Phones, smartphones,
internet keys, SIMs
Computers, Laptops, tablets

Personal items

Photos, Business Cards
Remote controls
Badges, Personnel cards

Other Assets

Printers, faxes, multifunction devices
Office equipment and stationery
Furniture, Furnishings
Consumable Materials 


Definition of assets and property management rules
Timetables and Notifications


Analysis of allocations and uses
Export to xls, Charts


EcosAgile Assets & Benefits is essential for companies of any size requiring structured and thorough management of their car fleet, company mobile phones, personal and business equipment, desktops and laptops including the installed software – only to name a few of the more common examples.

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