EcosAgile Time / Attendance, Absence, Overtime, Shifts

WHAT IS EcosAgile Time

Often, companies with tens and even hundreds of employees handle leave and/or overtime requests manually and/or rely on electronic mail only; communications management is haphazard, administrative processes are not tracked or monitored properly, and the lack of coordination and visibility of the requests results in costs and inefficiencies.

EcosAgile Time was created to overcome these difficulties and ensure that nothing escapes your control; it allows the immediate establishment of a structured, intuitive and controlled requests-and-approvals process, and facilitates notifications and management of delegations. Managers and HR are supported with vacation plan overviews and detailed reports.
The product is fully integrated with all the other products in the EcosAgile suite.

WHY EcosAgile Time

EcosAgile Time features fully configurable request flows with approval rules that can be defined independently by the client based on the company/management structure (e.g., hierarchical or project management or cost centre), ensuring maximum visibility of department plans, overall and/or individual vacation plans, remaining leave, etc.
The data inserted during the process can, together with the underlying justification, be directly transmitted to administration and/or the payroll service with enormous savings in terms of cost and complexity. The application also provides a wealth of analytics and reporting functions for analysing the data.

EcosAgile is easy to implement, can be adapted to specific requirements and can be integrated with existing applications. Predefined interfaces and a specific configurable integration component allow you to import and export data in any format, thus avoiding the frequent problems of compatibility seen in competing solutions.



Shifts management
Part-time planning
Time profiles

Requests Handling

Leave requests
Overtime requests
Holiday requests
Management of delegations and substitutes
Approval workflows
Notifications and timetables


Travel management
Travel agencies
Expense reports

Attendance/Absence management

Attendance records
Administrative flows
Absence justification
Control rules

Anomalies management

Easy exceptions management
Automatic resolutions
Staff involvement
Managers control


Attendance/absence analysis
Absenteeism analysis
Historians abstentions


EcosAgile Time is a valuable tool for companies, public institutions, professional firms and associations wanting an efficient and controlled process for requesting and approving time off, holidays and overtime.
It provides a clear picture of the situation in real time for remaining leave entitlements, leave already taken and requests, as well as compliance with statutory obligations.

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