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Customer Relationship Management or CRM is increasingly becoming a priority for national and international concerns that are focusing their energies and strategies on current and potential customers; on every business opportunity and lead.
EcosAgile CRM provides perfect supports for these activities, with detailed standalone contact management and/or prospects classified by type, activity, industry, references and markets, with immediate commercial budget management and all the tools needed to process information and help make the right commercial decisions.

It is a powerful communication and marketing tool which is both thorough and flexible, supporting the entire company and sales team in their objective: growth and retention of customers and markets.
The data can be easily loaded from xls files, and all your information can always be exported at any time with a single click, without any complication.
It is seamlessly integrated with all the other products in the EcosAgile suite so it can interact with any other required processes.

WHY EcosAgile CRM

EcosAgile CRM is a platform for the creation of web-based CRM solutions according to the client's ‘tailored’ requirements; it can help you obtain excellent results in terms of quality and cost thanks to an innovative approach based on its functional layout and the configuration of the processes.
It is an extensive solution with a range of standard features that are preconfigured for immediate activation and which cover not only all the core processes, but also correlated activities (External Communication, Knowledge Management, Help Desk, Events/Gatherings, etc.).

Unlike other CRM solutions, EcosAgile is able to perfectly adapt to the particular requirements of your business and your processes with ease and with quality and cost levels that our competitors cannot match.

Predefined interfaces and a specific configurable integration component allow you to import and export record layouts in any format, avoiding the frequent compatibility problems seen in competing solutions.

EcosAgile CRM is designed to function in international companies and/or foreign subsidiaries and allows you to share or separate content across multiple companies/clients that have different functions within the same group and/or between national/business units/departments.

Leads and commercial activities

Clients / Partners
Management of Referrals, Agencies, Products
Management of Actions and Contacts
Visit reports
References / Reports / Opportunities
Commercial campaigns
Client services
Ticket management
Help Desk, Order Management, Billing
Knowledge management

Communication management

Communication Lists / Mailing List
Gifts management
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Internal communications
Guidelines / procedures
  Managing events / demonstrations

Salesforce management

Objectives, commissions, variables
Sales budgets and forecasts
Timesheets / hours reports
Project management
Control of running totals / advances
Project information on margins / data
Time off and overtime requests
Leave planning
Task allocation
Management expenses, per diem and trips

Events and Gatherings

Events and gatherings program
Activities within events
Personal data
Management of subscriptions
Calendar management

Reporting / Analytics

In-page charts
  Configurable letter templates
Notifications / timetables
Factsheets / Hot spots
  Dynamic pivot tables and charts
Integrated BI Tool


EcosAgile CRM is for businesses oriented towards the development of client relations and loyalty where, in business-to-business and business-to-consumer climates, the client is the centre of attention and the focus of corporate strategies.

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