EcosAgile Consultants / Research, contracts and activities

WHAT IS EcosAgile Consultants

Public services and private companies frequently require consultants and temporary contract workers from employment agencies.
EcosAgile Consultants helps you manage these professionals, who frequently work with public and private concerns, often on a repetitive basis.

It seamlessly integrates with all the other products in the EcosAgile suite, and can therefore interact with your other business processes as required.

WHY EcosAgile Consultants

The application has advanced functions for the management of all of these types of workers, particularly external consultants, suppliers, temporary/agency workers, freelance, on call, etc.

Some companies have extended this service to integrate with major Employment Agencies, which directly receive requests from the EcosAgile application and proceed with the screening process for candidates who match the required profile.

The entire flow is supported, from the collection of needs to statutory compliance checks (for automatic verification of the risks associated with the type of work), from screening to the management of candidatures and the creation of contracts based on defined templates.


Needs management
Integration with employment agencies
Search management
Candidature alerts
Regulatory checks

Administrative management

Contract management
Relevant archives
Documentation management

Workflow and Timetables

Approval processes
Notifications, Alerts
Management of statuses, stakeholders and actions

Management of activities

Summary reports, timesheets
Expenses management
Manager Self Service functions


Export to xls


EcosAgile Consultants is a valuable tool for businesses, government agencies, professional firms and associations that need external professionals and agency staff.
Handling these aspects through EcosAgile allows for immediate simplification and cost savings, and facilitates compliance checking.

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