EcosAgile Talent / Performance, assessment and talent development

WHAT IS EcosAgile Talent

Talent Management is the process of developing and integrating new employees, developing and motivating current staff and attracting highly qualified personnel to the company. Our solution allows you to manage and integrate the different aspects of talent management, together with supplementary information on how to find, attract, select, develop and retain employees throughout the organisation.  Successful organisations have the right talent in the right positions – motivated people and forward thinkers able to look beyond daily routines and lead the company into the future.

The underlying condition for achieving this result is the adoption of an integrated approach to talent management beginning with the definition of objectives, rules and processes for the management and measurement of indicators, and KPIs for verification.

The system offers integrated functions for the management of the talent pool, development plans, successions, assessment models (for co-workers, peers, upward feedback, etc.), MBO and Stock Options.
The product is fully integrated with all the other products in the EcosAgile suite.

WHY EcosAgile Talent

Our solution allows you to manage the potential of employees in terms of "a person's ability to grow and take on more responsibility, both in size and in scope", i.e., their ability to handle increasingly large and complex activities; coordinating or guiding others resources through the creation of worker potential development programs not just through performance measurement instruments, but highlighting those that "can do" and those that may be able to in the future, both through vertical and horizontal career prospects.

Individual MOTIVATIONS, leadership ASSETS, SKILLS and KNOWLEDGE are systematically traced in order to identify the Key Position that can be occupied by the employee in the times indicated.

Don’t make any decisions without having assessed why EcosAgile Talent is so different.


Performance management

Peer review
Upward feedback
Upload assessments from xls


Competency model
Skills Self-Assessment
Qualifications, certifications


Talent Pool
Development plans


Succession plans
Key positions


MBO plans
Surveys and Questionnaires
Job posting
  Management of CVs and courses
Management of documentation archive 


EcosAgile Talent is essential for businesses of all sizes, professional firms and public institutions that want to improve business performance by leveraging on the development of human resources and the ability to attract and develop skills, motivation and talents.

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