EcosAgile / e-Time


Another way of virtual mobile clocking, holidays and presence management


Appreciated by the employee and efficient for the company


Approved by the Autorithy, six new anti-fraud proprietary algorithms


Geolocation data for clocking in branch offices, shops and for mobile personnel

e-TIME to put in your pocket

Clocking, time off and timesheet have never been so easy and touch available.
eTime is immediate, secure, flexible, fast, precise and real-time App to be used on your smartphone.
The perfect solution for clocking and absences management of mobile personnel in shops, construction sites and co-operatives, of visiting assistants and of service providers; it reduces cost and overcomes the need of physical clocking devices.

eTime's features make the clocking, absence, holidays planning and timesheet management easy and modern;
It is appreciated by employees for its capacity to streamline the processes and the possibility to be used immediately,
it helps the company to process data in a more simple, highly-reliable and cost-efficient way.

eTime is compatible with your current HRMS, Presence and/or Payroll System and with the EcosAgile back-end features.
No installation required, no need for specific skills or additional infrastructure requirement.
Clocking and requests are submitted directly to your business and presence system.

The eTime virtual clocking is in compliance with all the Data Protection Autorithy directives, it uses the geolocation, QRcode, sensors.
It works in confined spaces and without network, in Italy or abroad. It is also available the web clocking on your computer.

EcosAgile eTime App virtual clocking particularity is to adopt 6 anti-fraud proprietary control systems,
it also serves the company with other GPS modifications, sensors disconnection and other potential fraud techniques.


Virtual clocking machine: presence management in small companies, shops and construction sites, with advanced management and cost-efficient way.

Absence request

Submits requests in any moment and controls approval status; notifies personnel about the holiday residuals up to date.


Working hours of personnel: assignments and allocations defined by the company even from the existing systems.


Open and expandable App: may be linked to APIs to other Administrative and Payroll systems or to back-end procedure implemented in your company.

Time Sync

Real time synchronization: the company retrieves the data for processing and personnel is updated about request approval status.


Authenticity controls: identifies and reports any attempts to abuse with proprietary control algorithms.





Improve IMMEDIATELY your way of working; cut the costs and simplify the management.
Clocking, absence requests, holidays situation, timesheets become a pleasure !!


The main problem of a mobile or virtual clocking App is the security of the given data. It's very easy to broadcast the mobile GPS information, but it's even more complicated to prevent his coordinates manipulation; it's also complicated to prevent the hours falsification, because the clocking may not be broadcasted immediately (because of a lack or some network problems) and it should be a problem to lose it and absolutely wrong to rely on server schedule.
Clocking eTime is born aiming security in his project, to be reliable and to recognize the fraud attempts and/or the mobile, virtual clocking manipulation.
The current version includes six different proprietary control algorithms anti clocking manipulation; the eTime warranty is unique and in some ways better then a traditional physical clocking and even cheaper.
Yes, the App has been developed in compliance with the Privacy policy and the latest directives about virtual clocking released by the Data Protection Authority. The App doesn't work in background, doesn't track the employee, doesn't damage the employee's privacy, even if it controls internally the anti-fraud operations it guarantees the company on the quality of the given data. The App can be used also on private mobile phones, on purpose in this case, but from the experiences it comes that the employees noticed a more simple, fast and modern management. The employee doesn't need to turn the computer on to submit an absence request, on his mobile phone will be displayed his holiday residual and his RWH, the accuracy of his clocking before a possible check by the HR department, it gives a business attention and a modern management; all these aspects are immediately appreciated by the personnel.
No, you don't need a latest generation mobile phone; the App is designed, developped, and tested also on on the oldest smartphones with old Android and iOS versions. Also on the outdated devices the performances are repeatedly tested and checked and seem to be more than adequate thanks to a devoted optimisation work.
The virtual clocking generates a file, similar to any other clocking collector, that can be sent to your current system/ supplier along with the other existing files, without any change in the flows and systems.
If you use a presence system of another supplier that satisfied you, you don't have to change anything, just add the new file to the transmission. The file format can be custom-made, so that it can be the same as the other existing clocking collectors format.
There are other optional extra procedures, such as the reading via API/ web services, the possibility to transmit to every employee's App some information as the holiday final payments and RWH, a backend of anomaly check and an automatic termination, a self service for the dismissed clocking and many other opportunities. Also these processes are immediate and if you are interested in this issue they will be backed up by simple operational procedures.
The App works also with no signal. The clocking will be transmitted to the server automatically during the next synchronisation.
For clocking in places with no wi-fi connection, the App backs other clocking procedures, especially with a QR code identification or with a tag to be placed in the clocking area (at a low cost). For the tag or QR code clocking please contact the support service in order to evaluate these and other possible procedures back-end by the eTime App.
Of course, the eTime App is multilingual, with a lot of active translations, and it manages automatically the time zones.
It can be downloaded on the all nations stores and it has an automatic configuration.
Yes, but the use of the private mobile phone can't be imposed; it can be proposed on purpose.
To simplify the eTime App adoption on purpose, some procedures well-accepted by the personnel, concerning the holidays and time off requests and other given information, have been included. The App is approved by the Data Protection Authority, it doesn't track people, it doesn't work in background. The adoption rate is very high also on private mobile phones.
The mobile clocking comes up with other available secure and low cost procedures, such as the on-line clocking and the tag clocking.

You can now use APP for FREE, without obligation, by testing the immediate advantages