EcosAgile / e-Time

e-Time for iOS

Quick and immediate: stamps, absences and timesheet

e-Time for Android

Available on every device: another way of presence and absence management

Time Sync

Mobile stamp: overcomes the cost and need for physical devices

Map and coordinates

Geolocation data for small workplaces and mobile personnel

E-TIME to put in your pocket

Stamp has never been so easy and available with a touch.
e-Time is immediate, secure, flexible, fast, precise and real-time.

e-Time's functionalities make the management of absence, presence and working hours easy and modern;
It is appreciated by personnel for its capacity to streamline the processes and possibility to be used immediately;
It helps the company to process data in a more simple, highly-reliable and cost-efficient way.

e-Time is compatible with any HRMS or Payroll System already used by your company
and, if preferred, there is a possibility to use cloud solution with EcosAgile back-end services.
No installation required, no need for specific skills or additional infrastructure requirement.


Open and expandable: may be linked to APIs to other systems or to back-end procedure implemented in your company.

Time Sync

Real time synchronization: the company retrieves the data for processing and personnel is updated about request approval status.


Authenticity controls: identifies and reports any attempts to abuse with proprietary control algorithms.


Virtual stamping machine which overcomes the need for traditional devices, reduces costs and offers advanced management.

Absence request

Submits requests in any moment and controls approval status; notifies personnel about the holiday residuals up to date and with respect to scheduled ones.


Working hours of mobile personnel; assignments and allocations defined by the company even from existing systems.

GPS and Location coordinates

Multilanguage: English, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian

Workplaces are synchronized

Easy Time Zone Converter