EcosAgile People / HR complete, immediate, simple

WHAT IS EcosAgile People

EcosAgile is one of the most innovative, comprehensive and people-oriented solutions for HR business processes on the market today.
It is designed and built to be used immediately, without the same delays and expensive project investments that riddle competing market offerings, and without the limitations of closed software packages that are unable to mould themselves to specific circumstances and change.

  • It is immediate: it can be activated in hours; it is 100% web, designed on a simple, rational platform for fast implementation with minimal training
  • It adds value: designed and developed to maximise the efficiency of HR functions and the company as a whole; it includes various Self Service functions for employees and managers
  • It requires no infrastructure: no servers or installations are required; it is available either immediately in Cloud mode or installed on your DataCenter under a user license agreement
  • It is complete: it provides one of the widest available range of functions across all business processes, as well as for many processes related to the management of people in general
  • Multi-country: multi-company, multi-payroll, multi-language (including Unicode management) and multi-currency, for a total management package that satisfies needs both on local and global scales
  • Always better: three times a year, at no cost to the customer, we update and enhance EcosAgile, making it ever more innovative and effective.

Predefined interfaces and a specific configurable integration component allow you to import and export data in any format, thus avoiding the frequent compatibility problems seen in competing solutions.
The data can be easily loaded from xls files and all your information can always be exported at any time with a single click, without any complication.

Don’t make any decisions without having assessed why EcosAgile People is so different.

WHY EcosAgile People

EcosAgile People is designed for immediate use and its functionality is developed in cooperation with our clients and partners in order to immediately maximise the benefit to the company and to improve process efficiency and effectiveness.

With EcosAgile People, processes are automated, take less time and improve the quality of supporting information and vertical and horizontal communication in the company.

The main benefits of implementing EcosAgile People are:

Reduction of costs and
improved efficiency

  • Significant simplification of communications in all directions: Payroll service, Employees, Managers,
    Functional Managers/Directors, IT, General services, RSPP, etc.
  • Elimination of any redundancy between files (multiple upgrade costs, data inconsistencies, etc.)
  • Electronic document management (personal electronic documents folder)
  • Notifications, Timetables, Process workflows, Bulk processing, etc.

to support
the company

  • Historical data evolution management, comprehensive data bases, always consistent and exportable
  • Global business perspectives, periodic reporting/queries on all the details regarding personnel/historical data,
    Business Intelligence analysis, KPI monitoring, etc.

people with

  • Assessments, Talents, Development plans, Training management, skills,
    Performance management, etc.
  • MBO management, Labour costs, Budget, Benchmarking

Legislative compliance

  • Medicine at work
  • Workplace safety
  • Administrative responsibility

Administrative management

Historical employment data
Regulatory checks
Automation and company-wide events
Personal electronic folder
Management of Pre-litigation/Disciplinary measures
Timetables and reminders
Corporate communications

Attendance and absences

Time off and overtime requests
Business trips and expense reports
Leave planning and approval processes
Absence management (sickness, maternity, etc.)
Shifts management and staff scheduling

Safety and Occupational Medicine

Workplace accidents
Medical visits and health monitoring
Risks and hazardous substances
Assignments and training
Safety devices
Corrective action notices

Remunerations management


Training and Performance

Competencies, skills and qualifications
Professional experience
Training courses/sessions management
Training planning management
Funded training
Assessment sheets and plans
Skills and objectives assessment
Development plans
Succession and replacements

Assets management

SIMs, Mobile phones, Devices, Company vehicles, Computers, ViaCard, Tollway transponders, Printers, etc.


Searches, Applications
Curriculum archive, pre-screening
Selection channel management
Assessments and Tests
Regulatory checks

Business Intelligence

Workforce indicators
Reports, indicators and analytics
Export to excel sheets
On-line uploading of xls files

Self Service Manager and Self Service Employee


This valuable tool is for demanding businesses of all sizes, professional studios, trade associations and any company that wishes to manage and improve the way people work as well as company development and direction. It was created for companies that want to manage people so that they achieve their full potential. Thanks to its unique flexibility, it can quickly and easily provide solutions for company-specific requirements; something that our competitors have great difficulty with.

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