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EcosAgile is one of the most innovative platforms available today on the market.
It was designed and built to satisfy the demand for software solutions which add real value through complete, yet agile and customizable solutions, with much lower activation and management costs than in the past.
EcosAgile is considerably different to closed software packages that cannot conform to the specific needs and changes in your company, and similarly rigid and pre-defined Cloud services that prove to be headaches over time.

The single fact about EcosAgile is that your specific needs can be met without programming in complex languages or environments often involving months of uncertainty, but simply configured in a rapid "process description" environment.
We take minutes when the others take days; we ensure speed and quality which translates into a real competitive advantage.
The resulting quality is excellent thanks to the built-in availability of all the required features on the platform: workflow, historical data, audits, integration layers, crypting, notifications, delegations, on-page charts, analytics, etc., with demonstrable success in different implementation contexts.


EcosAgile is a lightweight, flexible, customizable, Web and Cloud framework for the implementation and management of business processes that focus on people, without the limitations of closed package solutions. More importantly, it offers a 50% cost saving over competitors with equal or lower quality products: the configuration of each function can be modified without any costly programming, development and testing phases and without worrying about the impact that future release updates may have on your current settings!


The framework is based on an Agile environment in which each business process to be implemented is described functionally, with corresponding information and logic. This agile and comprehensive framework is based on an innovative technology which allows quality solutions while drastically reducing the inherent complexity. Implementation is based on the use of prototypes which are then gradually improved and refined with the direct and visual participation of reference users, so as to attain results and satisfaction levels that are clearly superior to our competitors.


For the speed of implementation: entire applications or simple prototypes are built twice as fast as standard developments; and when your needs change, EcosAgile changes just as easily.
Because it is pure-web: all you need is a normal web browser to gain access, both on PCs and on mobile devices, nothing needs to be installed and managed by the client.
Because EcosAgile is also available in pre-configured Cloud solutions that are on-demand, instant, ready, flexible and customizable.
Because it lowers the cost of deployment of the application: allowing you to save throughout the entire application life-cycle, from activation to its maintenance.
Because it is user-friendly: its pages are simple and easily manipulated by the end user and are designed to be used in Self Service mode by employees, managers and partners; it provides contextual help management, allows files and data to be uploaded, easy extraction of information, analytics and interactive charts.
Because it has been tested to ensure the highest standard of physical and logical security.


EcosAgile was designed through a simple and rational approach, with the primary objective of obtaining maximum value and efficiency across the functions of the whole company.
Gone are the days of drawn out and expensive project phases: EcosAgile can be activated according to your specific needs in days, not weeks, not months!
The time and effort associated with deployment and learning is minimal, thanks to the streamlined and simplified design. 


EcosAgile is multi-language (with Asian language support), multi-currency, multi-country and multi-time zone; it can handle different locations from the same country.
It can function as:


It boasts one of the broadest ranges of available functions in its class, covering all HR processes as well as many other business processes. It was designed with the help of industry experts for each of the processes included, it has been optimized for use in multiple sectors, and is subject to continuous refinements and extensions through our collaboration with some of the largest HR communities and industry associations; three times a year at no cost to the customer, we improve its functionality, so your investment in EcosAgile is increasingly effective and valuable.


EcosAgile is a platform designed for web and/or mobile security; it has been tested by hacking teams and includes crypting of individual fields, differing security levels and information access limits; features which allow it to be used inside and outside the company (e.g., by suppliers like payroll studios, recruiting firms, interim management companies and law firms) with total confidentiality and control, wherever you want and however you want.


EcosAgile includes all the tools to allow our Partner/Systems Integrators to create solutions for the management of complex processes (even if they are entirely new and ad hoc) quickly and of the highest quality, with a significant competitive advantage over the development of traditional ERP systems or in-house solutions. The EcosAgile application provides a comprehensive and intuitive configuration environment which is agile and has pre-configured functions that are readily available and easily modified according to the "wishes" of the client.


EcosAgile is optimized for use in cloud mode and therefore as a service without any licence or hardware investments. It can in any case be installed on company DataCenters in on-Premise mode. It doesn’t require any special plug-ins, it is cross-browser and can be accessed with tablets/iPads.

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EcosAgile is the solution with real advantages over any of the alternatives currently on the market