EcosAgile is a pure web application with ample scope for growth thanks to its innovative technology EcosAgile is a pure web application with ample scope for growth thanks to its enormous flexibility and associated costs and times that are much lower than competing solutions.

The EcosAgile solutions allow you to reach new clients and/or to propose valuable new solutions to your existing clientele, either in Cloud or on-Premise mode, with current EcosAgile products and/or on future versions and/or adaptations.

We work with national and international Partners representing some of the best System Integration and Services companies interested in using the EcosAgile platform to build solutions and/or services for their clients. Our focus is on the product and our market approach with our partners is collaborative and synergistic; aimed at sharing experiences, knowledge and methodologies.

Our Partners can operate from the pre-sales (gathering requests and offers) and sales phases, to the management of all after-sales services (installation, assistance, any software customizations).

EcosAgile products can be used both for customer solutions , both as an infrastructure for the provision of outsourced services (co-operatives, service centers, trade associations) as they are designed for use web and mobile, flexible and multi client.



  • Innovative Solutions
    EcosAgile presents significant innovations that translate into real competitive advantages, so our partners can provide the best offering on the market and completely outclasses their competition, and so they can successfully expand their business potential by adding value. Our organizational model is oriented towards maximum product innovation and demonstrable results.
    EcosAgile is the platform on which a wide range of products are developed and continuously refined and expanded in collaboration with Partners and industry experts. Today, the EcosAgile range numbers about twenty extremely flexible and highly adaptable, products to give our partners an extensive range of possibilities. The quality of our broad, innovative and fully function offering enables Partners to supply truly superior solutions for a wide range of circumstances – always with the certainty of promoting a product that stands out from its competitors. Our Partners can not only provide specific solutions for differing needs, but also produce vertical solutions which we can render directly visible on the portal to expand your business potential.
    Our network of Partners is the heart of our distribution policy, and we guarantee fairness and transparency in our dealings.
    The Partner manages the client and the relationship with the client; our role is to provide the timely and effective support our Partners need to complete the deal. Our Partners decide which activities to perform independently and which to leave to our support structure, depending on their level and type of experience. We are committed to helping our Partners with training, with readily available Demo environments and with constant support for all the needs of the sales network of our Partners.

Extend your offer and enter into new customers

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