Why EcosAgile

EcosAgile is one of the most complete and qualitatively advanced platforms on the market, capable of bringing real value to client companies over time.

It is a solution of immediate activation capable of responding to the specific needs of the customer; customizations do not block the company to an old release, because every improvement or innovation of the product is made available with periodic updates to all customers at no additional cost, even after changes or specific existing customizations.

Speed of processes

EcosAgile has a rich set of processes and functionalities of immediate availability optimized in practice and constantly improved.

A concrete and flexible approach of our R&D team allows to realize entire applications or simple revisions at three times the speed of traditional products, allowing a clear reduction in the time of implementation of the solution to the customer.

Cost reduction

Speed and flexibility translate into a cut in the costs of the service, implementation and management of the application. EcosAgile enables savings throughout the entire lifecycle, from activation to subsequent maintenance. The highly modular platform and its architecture based on metadata allows to reduce many of the costs of the traditional management cycle of a software.

Secure access to information

EcosAgile implements multiple levels of security starting from simple internal authentication, or in single sign-on, up to limitations based on rules on single data, with the use of hierarchies, and information segmentations configurable according to roles and company organization.

The access to information is secure and encrypted; the Data Center used is in Italy with the highest level of commercial certification available.

Ease of use

The EcosAgile platform was born to create pure-web and mobile solutions; it has an ecosystem of ten APPs (Android and IOS) and more can be developed independently by the customer.

The simple and user-friendly graphical interface of the platform and smartphone applications is designed for a natural use, pleasant and immediate learning.