About us

What is EcosAgile

EcosAgile was created as a simple and flexible platform, available via web, cloud and mobile, which allows our potential customers to fully meet their business requirements.


EcosAgile was designed in order to address a recurring need: to implement quality processes in HR and People-centered functions in a flexible and economical way, avoiding rigid, complex and expensive products.

Why EcosAgile

Adaptable software that can offer tailored solutions at low cost constitutes a real benefit for business management. It is able to provide real added value for personnel management in any company.


EcosAgile is a software platform for Human Resources management and all People-centric processes refined over the years by a company with a strong experience in HR, Tech and Innovation management through the vital collaboration with its Customers and Partners.

EcosAgile was designed with the purpose to enforce strong synergy of Human Resources, Project management, Time management and Talent management processes as well as to deliver greater value to the customers in comparison with limited vertical applications. The processes are structured around different roles in the company - managers, collaborators - enhancing communication and offering an extended benefit to the company.

EcosAgile is a “made in Italy” product developed by a team of professionals who are experts in the research and development of highly efficient solutions aimed to satisfy the needs of medium and large companies; a team capable of grasping the market demand for an integrated platform for HR and People management that is flexible and user-friendly with a much lower degree of complexity than traditional products.

The development of a solution led to the creation of the EcosAgile suite, accessible in Cloud, web-based and equipped with smartphone applications available for IOS and Android.


We want to support the enhancement of Human Capital within each organization through simple solutions and innovative processes that can guide the company on its way to digitalization and innovation..

We serve companies, associations, small and medium-sized businesses and multinationals that want to improve the efficiency, quality and cost of management processes related to human resources, business activities and skills.

We want to Innovate the way companies manage HR processes today, radically lowering their complexity and enabling process acceleration at costs affordable to all.



New features and enhancements integrated through at least three annual releases with no additional cost.


Product design and its management structure guarantee the highest standards of logical and physical security.


A complete, simple product that will amaze you, with management costs 50% lower than solutions thanks to a flexible approach and immediate configuration.


SME / Small or Medium Enterprise
Professional studies