Frequently Asked Questions

EcosAgile is a high quality, fully configurable suite of web-based solutions which can be deployed in Cloud format or used under licence.
It allows you to integrate information from other systems and render it immediately available to all the necessary stakeholders (to Self Service, corporate functions, outsourcers, etc.). You can generate reports, queries and charts to highlight the most significant information. With EcosAgile, you control a powerful tool which continuously measures your investments and the results of actions taken.
The databases and the functions can be modified freely without any fear of compromising the continuous evolution of the product.
EcosAgile Data Center is located in Italy, Settimo Milanese (Milan - Lombardy) at BT ITALIA S.p.A. whose information security management system is certified according to the international standard ISO 27001. The data is physically stored in Italy, Settimo Milanese (Milan) and therefore protected in accordance with Italian legislation.
EcosAgile improves efficiency and administration in any situation which is inefficient or haphazard, or where the use of simple spreadsheets and other standalone applications no longer satisfies the deeper requirements of the company.
Unlike our competitors, who simply sell generic, pre-configured solutions, we can provide even smaller companies with the exact solution they need, thanks to the incredible flexibility and unique EcosAgile technology.
All this for an amazingly low price.
EcosAgile is designed to provide full functionality in the various individual business sectors: services, cooperatives, manufacturing, construction, trade, telecommunications, finance, legal, medical, education, non-profit, etc.
However, the true measure of success of any information system lies in the ease with which it can satisfy the real needs and specific circumstances of your company; EcosAgile features solutions to help ensure that your investment will grow over time and not solve some problems only to create new ones.
EcosAgile stands out for its quality, ease of integration, speed, security and ease of management.
We can show you how to transform your needs into solutions, with levels of simplicity and cost that our competitors simply cannot match.
The system continuously evolves with three releases per year that are applied without having any implications whatsoever on the level of customization implemented, and this is supported with frequent updates which incorporate the latest best practices and regulatory compliance requirements.
With EcosAgile, you can export all your data directly into any of the major formats whenever you want: Excel, CSV, PDF, and Word; every function comes with the ability to export the managed data. New reports or changes to existing ones are just a few clicks away, which even non-technical users should have no trouble with.
The whole system is designed for easy manipulation of information, including the Business Intelligence tools which are immediately available to the client with pre-configured analytical instruments.
Absolutely, EcosAgile is designed first and foremost to protect data, and is regularly tested by a team of external hackers; every single piece of information can be crypted and the database-managed documents with reserved information can even be protected from the prying eyes of systems engineers; it not only keeps track of who logged onto the system and when, but also the activities performed, the changes made, the files downloaded, etc.
Certainly, every process and function includes the option of attaching Word, Excel, JPEG, PDF, etc., files.
This allows total electronic folder management for each worker (employees, contract and third parties) with differentiated access levels, management of approval flows and security control, adding up to enormous benefits in terms of simplification and efficiency. The system also supports text string searches inside the attachments.
Of course, EcosAgile is multi-language (including Asian languages), multi-payroll and multi country; it manages exchange rates, units of measurement and time zones; it can translate text into any language on the fly. You can easily diffuse the functions you think are useful with very minimal training and so gather comprehensive census information through control, efficiency, analysis and consolidated reporting.
The whole idea behind EcosAgile is to integrate with other software. It is an open solution with a specific and unique integration layer which enables the exchange of data to and from the system in any format and structure, without resorting to programming.
Users can directly upload external excel files and data and/or extract any information needed.
The ease with which the EcosAgile system is prepared for installation is one of its major strengths; activity begins with the standard system which is progressively refined into a company-specific prototype across several direct meetings with the user, who witnesses the gradual attainment of all expectations and requirements.
The flexibility of EcosAgile effectively eliminates the need for slow and expensive planning on paper as well as the difficult phases of formal approval which are often not transparent, thus allowing significant time reduction and the right level of user satisfaction.
EcosAgile has very accurate and thorough functions which permit customized solutions for your needs that are never affected by product updates and do not introduce any undesired complexity, both for onsite installations and via Cloud.
No problem, data from any Excel file, program, or database can be loaded into EcosAgile with ease; importing of xls files can be performed directly by the user in order to load external data or migrate data from other software or archives.
Similarly, any data can always be exported from the system easily and independently.
During set-up, the system provides built-in importation interfaces which can be easily adapted, without any programming, on the basis of available solution paths; for example, to manage the flows for one or more payrolls, there is a dedicated "payroll interface" with the proven ability of adapting to major payroll providers.
All you need is an internet connection. Company personnel may then access the system functions associated with their access permission levels via pc, tablets and smartphones.
From any device and from any web browser, the user experience is fantastic thanks to an interface which is highly intuitive and which has been specifically coded for the web.
All the potential of EcosAgile is available through one of the following platforms:
  • On-Premise (or licence): the software is installed at your EDC/DataCenter, on your servers; our technical staff will still provide any technical assistance required.
  • Cloud (or subscription): access is provided via the servers in our DataCenter and we handle application and technical management; the company doesn't need to invest in any specific personnel or hardware. The interface remains the same as the on-Premise solution: simply through a normal browser.