eGreenPass - EU Green Pass Validation Reader


€ 389,00

EU Green Pass Validation Device with printer included and advanced software for automatic access control of customers, visitors and staff without direct contact.
Includes software updates following regulatory and technical changes.

  • Automatic paper record of green pass
  • Includes optional and configurable thermal PRINTER integrated with the device
  • Real-time e-mail notifications for negative outcome of invalid green passes
  • Daily e-mail summery of checks completed
  • Possibility of e-mail notifications to multiple addresses and recipients in To or Cc
  • Configurable reading speed: ultra fast 0.5 seconds or faster for optimal use
  • LED lighting control for reading plastic-coated green passes
  • Sound control towards external speakers
  • Possibility of 1 or 2 timed channel relay output (optional on request)
  • Cost includes ASSISTANCE in English and SOFTWARE UPDATES following technical or regulatory changes

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eGreenPass is the recognition and validation device for the European Green Pass QR Code, which allows safe entry into companies, restaurants, cinemas, gyms and all places where green certification must be shown and validated.

  • Reduces the investment of staff needed to control access and validate the Green Pass
  • Speed up the flow of customers, visitors, guests and staff with automatic Green Pass control and validation, avoiding queues and congestion
  • Avoids direct contact with the customer/user to protect their own health and that of their employees
  • Recognition of the European Green Pass QR Code for restaurants, bars, hotels, canteens, schools, cinemas, gyms, sports and cultural centres, museums, mosques, conventions, congresses, trade fairs. conventions, congresses, fairs...
  • Allows reading and checking of data in real time with adjustable verification speed, high accuracy and readability
  • Generates immediate notification of validation with sound, light, on-screen evidence and printing (optional)
  • Quick multiple pass check with no waiting and no interruptions
  • Printing of verification results via the device's built-in thermal printer is available
  • Easy-to-move mobile Green Pass checker that can be used anywhere, thanks to Wi-Fi, 4G LTE and LAN connections and included lithium battery
  • Automatic e-mail notification functionality for negative results / invalid green passes
  • Device software updates guaranteed and included in the purchase price for technical and/or regulatory changes to the Green Pass
  • Integrated thermal printer with spacing setting included
  • Settable email notification of invalid green pass checks
  • Daily email summary of checks performed
  • Optional email notification of all checks performed
  • Possibility of email notification to multiple addresses and with To or Cc recipients
  • Relay output with 1 or 2 timed channels for controlling openings and/or lights, etc. (optional to be requested when ordering)
  • Control of frontal LED lighting, very important for plastic-coated paper green passes
  • Screen orientation setting, essential for not showing the QRCode and APP upside down to the user
  • Starting the verification app automatically when the device is turned on and when it reboots
  • Wi-Fi connection, Ethernet, SIM slot 4G, LTE, 3G, Bluetooth
  • Floor stand (OPTIONAL ON REQUEST)
  • Display 5 inch touch screen: 1280*720
  • Power Supply: 9V/2.5A
  • Lithium-ion barrery: 7.4V/2500mAh Li-ion
  • Size: 21,5cm x 10,5cm
  • Printer Paper 57mm* 40mm, standard size of cash registers
  • Colour: black
  • Android operating system
  • 2 USB, 1 micro USB
  • Warranty 12 months
  • CE and RoHs certifications
Can be used after the health emergency as a time and attendance device, card and qrcode reader, cash register, etc. with EcosAgile applications and thousands of other applications from the Android Google store, as this model has a printer, NFC badge reader and SIM slot.